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Dieter Kunzke, born 1961,  PhD psychological psychotherapist and avid photographer for many years.

Favorite subjects: street photography and portraits

Raised in the Black Forest region, studied in Tübingen and now lives in Krefeld, Rhineland, Germany.

"But it is now clear, that there is no inherent conflict between the mechanical or naïve use of the camera and formal beauty of a very high order, no kind of photograph in which such beauty could not turn out to be present: an unassuming functional snapshot may be as visually interesting, as eloquent, as beautiful as the most acclaimed fine-art photographs. This democratizing of formal standards is the logical counterpart to photography’s democratizing of the notion of beauty. Traditionally associated with exemplary models (the representative art of the classical Greeks showed only youth, the body in its perfection), beauty has been revealed by photographs as existing everywhere. Along with people who pretty themselves for the camera, the unattractive and the disaffected have been assigned their beauty. For photographers there is, finally, no difference — no greater aesthetic advantage — between the effort to embellish the world and the counter-effort to rip off its mask."

Susan Sontag (1973): On Photography. Penguin.

"If you want it, you get nothing. Just be receptive and it happens."

Henri Cartier-Bresson

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